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Breast Augmentation in Scotland

Breast augmentation means enhancement or enlargement of the breasts. It is a surgical procedure to improve the size and shape of the female breast form. Breast tissue is entirely made up of fat without muscle, so breast shape is almost impossible to change through exercise and diet alone. This is why many women choose breast surgery to improve the shape of their breasts. Women do so for many reasons which can include:

  • A desire to increase breast size to enhance the curvature of the body
  • To balance a difference in breast size to create better symmetry
  • To reconstruct the breast after surgery
  • To improve the breast shape and size to allow better self-confidence after having children

What does breast augmentation entail?

Breast augmentation surgery involves inserting implants into the breasts. These can vary in materials and shape and what your consultant will recommend will be dependent on your desired outcome. Based on your individual needs, your consultant will discuss and advise you on what kind of implants would be best for you. So prior to sitting down with your consultant, it's probably best to consider what kind of breasts you'd like to have. As well as size and shape, consider how you want them to move and feel.

Which Implants are Right For Me?

Many people don't realise that there are different kinds of breast implants to choose from all of which come with their own pros and cons which will appeal to different people. All implants are made up of an outer shell made of silicone, however, implants can be filled with silicone, saline (salt-water) or both. Silicone gel implants are very popular because they move naturally and look like real breasts. Silicone gel implants are a type of breast implant that is filled with viscous silicone gel. Silicone implants can come in the form of liquid or gel otherwise known as cohesive silicone. Cohesive silicone implants give a firmer feel and come in more shapes, whereas liquid silicone and saline implants give a softer, more natural feel. Saline implants are filled with the saline solution post-op so this can mean a smaller scar and some people prefer to choose this as they feel that saline is a more a natural solution. Breast implants can also come in two basic shapes. There is the 'round breast implant' which can give the most effective amount of volume, lift and cleavage, however, some women think that the round implants look fake. The 'teardrop shape' is a newer technology in breast augmentation surgery but is a slightly more expensive option. It's wise to ask your consultant to explain the different implants on offer, the expected outcome to look, shape and feel of your breasts and the risks involved with each type of implant and where they can be placed within your existing breasts.

What happens during the Breast Augmentation operation?

Your operation is performed under general anaesthetic and generally takes about and hour and a half to two hours. There are different options for surgical incisions and this can mean the surgeon making a cut either under the armpit, the crease under the breast or the area around the nipple area. The type of incision will depend on your own physical make-up, the size and kind of implants chosen and patient and consultants' preference. This is another area that should be discussed during a consultation prior to your operation.

How much does it cost?

Scottish Clinics' website offers a comparable list of prices for Breast Augmentation procedures with leading Scottish plastic surgeons on your doorstep. (Many of our surgeons are called on to perform surgery in some of the top London clinics, so there's no need for you to fly around the country when the best consultants are here for you.) Click for costs.

What about Aftercare?

Following breast augmentation surgery, you should be able to go home on the same day or the day after your surgery. You will require to wear a special bra and take it easy for a few weeks to help your breasts recover after surgery. Most women can go back to work two weeks after surgery and are able to do limited activities for example, light housework, lift small children and drive (only when absolutely comfortable). It usually takes a few weeks for your breasts to settle and look more natural and it's a gradual process with the final result only able to be viewed after around nine months' recovery when scars have begun to soften and fade. Every surgical procedure comes with a degree of risk and possible complications. Be sure to discuss any concerns with your consultant at the outset and ask what aftercare procedures come into play with your chosen clinic and surgeon. You should only undertake cosmetic surgery under the guidance of a qualified surgeon. All consultants are on Scottish Clinics' website areGeneral Medical Council accredited and listed plastic surgeons are members of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.