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Blepharoplasty in Scotland 

An Eyelid Lift also known as Blepharoplasty surgery is a cosmetic procedure performed to remove excess skin and fat which can cause drooping lids and a baggy appearance under the eyes. As we age our skin becomes less elastic and our muscles slacken which can lead to ageing creases around the skin on our eyes. A blepharoplasty aims to address all of these issues often taking years off of a person's appearance. 

What does an Eyelid Lift or blepharoplasty entail? 

blepharoplasty can be performed either under a local anaesthetic injected under the eyelids or under general anaeshetic. The procedure can take from an hour and a half to three hours. Depending on the areas you choose to have treated - either upper or lower eyelids or both - your consultant will make a cut in the natural skin crease of your upper eyelid or below your lashes in your lower lid and by working through this incision they will removed excess fat, then trim the muscle and skin and finally, finely stitch the incision back up. 

How much does it cost? 

Scottish Clinics' website offers a comparable list of prices for Blepharoplasty procedures with leading Scottish plastic surgeons on your doorstep. (Many of our surgeons are called on to perform surgery in some of the top London clinics, so there's no need for you to fly around the country when the best consultants are here for you.) Click for costs. 

What about Aftercare? 

If you have a local anaesthetic you should be able to go home on the same day a few hours after the operation. If you have a general anaesthetic you will need to wait until all the affects have worn off and pain relief may be required when it does. Bruising and swelling are likely following this procedure around the tender eye area and may worsen for the first few days post op, however, your consultant will probably recommend controlling this with the use of ice compresses and offer best advice on how to use these and other pain relief medication to best effect. Stitches will require to be removed between two to five days after the operation while bruising and swelling can be expected to fade over the next month. Contact lenses should not be worn for at least two weeks after the operation, however, make- up can be applied from about five days after surgery and most people feel confident enough to go back to work after 10 to 20 days. 

Every surgical procedure comes with a degree of risk and possible complications. Be sure to discuss any concerns with your consultant at the outset and ask what aftercare procedures come into play with your chosen clinic and surgeon. 

You should only undertake cosmetic surgery under the guidance of a qualified surgeon. All consultants are on Scottish Clinics'website are General Medical Council accredited and listed plastic surgeons are members of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.